As I sit here looking out at the horizon this all feels so surreal. We are here. We did it.

For months, we talked about the future of our family. We dreamed about what this would look like. We lived life based on what seemed like a never-ending “to do” list.

For the first time in months, it feels amazing to just breathe again. I keep waiting for the freak out moment to happen. Shit, what have we done? Then, I am greeted by kangaroos off the back deck and all that passes. We are exactly where we are supposed to be.

When we first set out on this journey we had planned to document it in real time and invite people to join us on the adventure.

The night I received an email from the New York Post, I remember thinking how strange it was that someone had sent them my resignation letter. When the writer told me he was simply reaching out as a courtesy to let me know about the piece, I tried to approach it with humour. The piece went live the next morning.

We knew there would be people who didn’t agree with our decision. What we didn’t realize was how angry and vial those people would be. At the end of the day our decision has always been about providing what we believe is the best future for our children and part of that meant protecting them.

We had nearly made it with no incidents, until our son proclaimed on our flight to LAX that we were moving to Australia so Donald Trump would no longer be our President. That got quite the reaction. Cheers from nearly everyone around us, with the exception of the gentleman wearing an NRA hat.

All that to say, when we finally arrived we set out a huge sigh of relief and were greeted with open arms and friendly smiles. When we pulled up on our new home, two kangaroos greeted us in the front yard. The official welcome committee. The children have properly named them Chloe and Yoda.

What a process this has been.

Videos, photos, and entries coming over the next few weeks.

Time to go get past this nasty jet lag!




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