Lately, I keep coming back to this place of trust, appropriately referring to this chapter in my life as the season of trust. And for me, it has made all the difference.

I also know I am not the only one.

A few weeks ago, I sat around a dinner table with an amazing group of women. All of us have had major pivotal moments in our lives over the course of the last year. That moment in each of our respective lives, allowed us to trust. But not only trust what may or may not come next, but to step into this place of reclaiming ownership over our lives and our careers.

When I stepped back onto American soil just a few months ago, I knew the last few years of my life was one big pivotal moment leading up to a massive crescendo. But little did I know as I made my way through customs – myself, two kids, and 7 suitcases – just how life would unfold over the course of the next few months.

In those early days and the first few months after arriving, everything felt like a blur. Jet lag aside, just everything in general: being back on this side of the world, driving on the right side of the road again, familiar spaces and places, reconnecting with old friends while simultaneously navigating through those that had changed, spending time with family, setting up life and starting over. There were some days where all I could do was simply breathe. I stumbled. I had good days coupled with bad days. And while I had clarity there was still a lot of uncertainty.

I put one foot in front of the other and kept moving forward. You don’t need all the answers to make it from one moment to the next, you simply need to trust. And that’s exactly what I did. Every single day.

I am beyond grateful for the friends, family members, colleagues – both near and far – who literally rallied around me, surrounding us in love and support. The people who loved us through those early days of being back, constantly reminding me that I could do this. Those reminders helped me to remember exactly who I am and allowed me step into this redesign of what my life looks like now.

But sometimes we are so conditioned to what we think life is supposed to look like or doing what is comfortable, that we forget waiting on the other side of fear and potential loss or pain, is massive growth and change that allows us to step into who we were created to be.

Taking ownership and stepping into this space of knowing your value – in your relationships, your friendships, your career – is life giving.

Circumstances can change at any given moment and one of the things I keep coming back to is this idea that we all must strive for happiness. It’s on billboards. It’s in magazines. Live life and be happy. And while I agree with the idea of happiness, I don’t believe it is something that we “strive” for – it is something we choose.

Happiness is an emotion we have the ability to either step into or not.

Peace, on the other hand, is a state of being. This is the place where I believe life changes and creates those pivotal moments for us.

When everything is crashing down around you, peace is finding yourself in the middle of it and still maintaining a sense of being on solid ground – your feet firmly planted beneath you. That balance carries you through whatever life may toss your way, be it a career change, a lifestyle change, or a relationship change.

One of the things the last few months has taught me is that the difference between striving for happiness and being at peace is that peace is where life really begins to take shape.

When you are at peace, you gain the ability to reclaim your life and to step into this space of ownership – no longer living for anyone else, anything else, or attaching yourself to outcomes that are simply out of your control. You let go.

You create your own season of trust.

Stepping into this space has completely changed everything for me. Everything. In fact, so much so that just last week I was talking with friends about Coffee Loves Wine and my intention for it.

When I first set out to create this place, it was done so on the backdrop of big changes, moving abroad, and wanting to share those lessons of life – good, bad, ugly, and otherwise. Now, coming off the heels of being back, I wondered if anyone really cared or if the message was being lost between this idea of living life between coffee and wine.

While I certainly don’t want to contribute to an unhealthy drinking culture, the original idea behind the title was that life is what happens between coffee and wine. Both are certainly things I enjoy, but the site itself is more about life than those two things. And of course, Avocado Toast and Chocolate just didn’t have the same ring to it.

All that aside, the intention was simply to be a place to talk about life and growth. And lately, I have found myself questioning if it even matters.

Over the course of those conversations, one of my friends challenged me, “what do you want?”

And then I realized, leaning into this space is even more important now because while the adventures of moving may lend themselves to a certain amount of intrigue, the reality of stepping into a place of peace and reclaiming life, particularly during so much change and uncertainty, is what it is all about. And if by sharing I can inspire even one person, then it was all worth it.

It reminded me of sitting around that table, listening to the stories of those incredible women who I am honored to call friends. Each leaning into something that inspired them and provoked them in a way that led to stepping into their own worth and value, redesigning their careers and their lives.

That. That is what I want for every single person who I interact with both personally or via a platform such as this. Personal growth, life-giving lessons, and stepping into that place in our lives where fear no longer resides over our decisions.

4 months ago, I had no idea what life would look like when we boarded that plane headed for home. It was scary.

Today, my life is my own and there is peace that comes with knowing I am exactly where I am supposed to be, at exactly the right moment. That doesn’t mean things won’t change tomorrow, next week or next year – but it certainly does mean that when faced with uncertainly, I can remain on a solid foundation. And that is both freeing and empowering.

Where are those opportunities to pivot in your life? Is it stepping away from a job that has left you depleted and feeling that nudge towards a new direction? Maybe it’s in the simplicity of living life and removing yourself from a negative situation that continues to drain your energy. Or maybe it’s simply aligning yourself with other people who hold the same values as you.

It doesn’t matter where or when the shift may happen, but when it does, enjoy the ride!!! My life is proof of what can happen when you simply pivot and trust.

Cheers to all of you!! Make it a great week. xo

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