It has been a very interesting month, both as I look at the calendar and realize all the “a year ago” moments that eventually led to stepping foot on a plane and making my way down under, to some monumental moments in my personal and professional life.

Several weeks ago, I was offered a job. A job that would come with both a title and salary to match. In my mind, it made sense. In my heart, I struggled. I was quite surprised at just how much of a struggle it was, as for so long I was focused on climbing the ladder. Now here I was, being offered the comfort of stability once again, but something had changed.

A year ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity and not thought twice.

The whole experience was like a shock to my heart – a healing process that I didn’t even realize I needed to walk through.

I was talking with a former colleague and dear friend of mine last week. We often joke that we have career PTSD after sifting through some of the chaos and dysfunction that came with our previous positions. While we laugh about it now, the reality is that it took her nearly two years to be able to allow herself to breathe again and to trust the decisions she was making in her life, particularly when it came to her career.

Months ago, she called me with an opportunity of her own. We talked through her situation for weeks, discussing the freedom and flexibility she had and what it would take financially for her to give that up to a certain degree. She felt a bit stuck, thinking she had to choose between one or the other. It was through those conversations, I finally said to her, “ask for what you want and need, and if it is meant to happen, it will all work out.”

We put together a list of what her terms were and while she was scared to put it out there, eventually what happened is that she was met at every request and the opportunity ended up working out for her – on her own terms. She was able to get the financial stability she desired while not having to give up the freedom and flexibility of working from home.

It was a lesson in stepping outside her comfort zone and putting it out there, trusting that if this was the right path, it would all work out. And for her, it did.

But how often do we all get stuck thinking it’s going to be too hard and never step outside of what’s comfortable? We forget to listen – to our guts, to our hearts, to the signs, to everything. We forge full speed ahead without thought until it is too late and you find yourself struggling through life on the wrong path, wondering how to get on the right one.

When I got my offer, she was one of the first phone calls I made. I was in tears and was overcome with emotion – not something that happens all that often for me, so it really took both of us by surprise. She listened and then said, “Jenn, what is going on?”

I couldn’t answer the question because I didn’t even know. I was surprised by the reaction myself.

I sifted through all the emotions, letting myself feel them but knowing there was a greater purpose to what was going on. A lesson I needed to learn. I knew I needed to take some time to myself to figure it out.

I listened. Really listened. This was a test of the ego of sorts – would I lead this decision with my heart or with my head? Would I step back into my comfort zone?

I was forced to reconcile my fears – the fear of letting go, the fear of not being enough, the fear of falling into a stress-filled situation like I was in previously. I had to let everything go. The emotion that was surfacing was from all the things I hadn’t allowed myself to process until that moment.


Seeing an offer that was everything I thought I was supposed to be forced me to come face to face with my own truth.

While the stability of this particular job would certainly have its benefits in comparison to the instability of growing my own business, I knew if I wanted to truly lead a life from the heart as opposed to the head, now was the time to really own that. A lesson in trust.

I sensed there was a greater purpose to all this change, to giving it all up. Taking this position would simply be another distraction, a detour from the path I am walking and need to see through. An opportunity to follow a purpose, aligning my career with my heart. Trusting. Listening. Allowing myself to truly open my eyes.

And what happened next, is nothing short of miraculous. To say that in owning my truth the path was divinely orchestrated is an understatement.

I received the answers to so many questions.

A few days later, after confirming several contracts with potential clients, I received an email. There was a manuscript attached to it.

As I was reading, I had to stop several times to dry the tears that were streaming down my face. A story that spoke so deeply to me, on such a profound level. I knew that it was meant for my eyes, precisely at this moment in my life. And there was nothing about it that was coincidental.

I knew there was a greater purpose to all of it, so I sat with it and trusted.

Then, just a few days ago, I received a call asking me to be part of the team that will bring this project to life. And in my heart of all hearts, I know the message will change the hearts and lives of every single person it reaches. Every. Single. One.

I was overcome with joy and gratitude.

Divine alignment and synchronicity – the gifts you receive from the universe when you allow yourself to listen and trust without fear.

This week, should you find yourself struggling with a decision or feel you are stumbling your way through life on the wrong path – allow yourself some time to simply listen. Are you aligned with your purpose or are you just comfortable?

Someone I hold very dear to my heart said to me this week, “Life begins outside our comfort zone.”

Allow yourself to break out of yours! You may just receive the answers you so desperately seek by letting go and stepping foot into the unknown. Take the leap of faith.

Cheers to a new week!!

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