The last week has certainly presented some interesting conversations around our house. Things to be expected in the middle of major life transition, knowing you will make it through to the other side, but in the process find yourself trying to navigate your way through the unknown.

It started with our son struggling through another morning drop off at school.

We later learned there was a child in his class who had been pushing and hitting him during line up time.

The conversation quickly changed from facing your fears to not allowing people to treat you a certain way. Conversations about insecurity and where behavior like that stems from, which typically has nothing to do with the target of that person’s actions. Heavy stuff for a 6-year old.

I remember years ago, my dad taught me how to throw a good punch. He wanted me to be able to defend myself should I need to.

It came in handy a few times on the playground when I was growing up. I don’t know if I should admit that, but it was different times back then.

While I certainly didn’t teach my son the art of the right hook, I did get down on my knees so we were eye to eye and let him know he had every right to stand his ground and that if the behavior continued after doing so, to simply walk away and surround himself with people who were positive, who he wanted to play with.

The same can be said for adults.

I remember struggling with a group of women at work at one point during my career. Women who simply couldn’t be happy for other women. When someone would get a promotion, positive feedback, etc. they would quickly run to their office, shut the door, and the bickering would ensue.

There were times they were so loud we could all hear what they were saying across the hall on the other side of the office.

Grown women conducting themselves in such a manner. It wasn’t something I thought I would have to prepare myself to deal with in a professional setting, but it happened.

I made a point not to engage.

I thought of those moments this week as we walked our son through the challenges of being the new kid, in a new country.

In the middle of challenging him to overcome, I had to do the same for myself, but not in the same regard.

I continue to struggle with missing friends, work, and familiarity. We were well aware that these things would happen during the transition but when you are facing them head on, you quickly realize you have a choice: To jump down the rabbit hole or face the challenge and allow yourself to struggle through it.

I challenged myself to lean into my gratitude list and fight through. I had to wake up each morning with intention and carry that with me through the day.

Doing so turned things around and I quickly found myself back to that place of balance, but the rabbit hole is an easy slope to slide down.

As humans, we need to live with intent and make a choice every day: the choice to be happy, the choice to create, the choice to be grateful, the choice to pursue, the choice to love. It may not always be the easy choice, but it will teach us the most, as opposed to jumping into the deep end to sift through your own negativity.

Let’s all challenge ourselves to be intentional. Each day you wake up, allow yourself to be happy. Give yourself small reminders throughout the day. My reminder may or may not have included stopping to see kangaroos and failed attempts at luring them over for a snuggle. There is video. You’re welcome.

This week, allow yourself to let love and gratitude in and when you feel fear knocking at the door, slam it and run the other way.

Cheers to the week and living life with intent!



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