This morning, as I was sitting on the deck with my coffee watching the sun come up, it reminded me of how important it is to allow ourselves time each day to clear the noise.

Sometimes noise comes in the form of a toxic person in your life or letting fear creep in. Other times it is the actual noise of life – the hustle and bustle, parenting, the “rat race.”

By allowing yourself some space each day, you have an opportunity to shut all that off and stay connected.

We all have things that can get the better of us, things we deal with internally. While space allows you to evaluate those things and work to overcome them, shutting out the noise is more about listening to yourself rather than others.

This last week, a friend and I were discussing toxic people we had dealt with in our own lives. I had recently reached out to someone who had been a source of negativity in mine. My extension of the proverbial olive branch didn’t go over so well. The response was a reminder of all the reasons I had shut this person out of my life in the first place. A door that needed to remain closed. But, it took some time to process.

When someone else projects their issues onto you, you have a choice to engage or ignore.

A few years ago, we were at a backyard BBQ with some friends. Our son had just turned 4 and was still in diapers. He was jumping on the trampoline with some kids from the neighborhood, most of them older than he was. One of the little boys noticed he was still in diapers and started chanting, “diaper, diaper, diaper!” His mother quickly went over and reminded him that he was in diapers until he was that age and that she was still wiping his rear on occasion.

Once the kids finished jumping, our son came over and said, “Hey guys, did you hear all of my diaper fans cheering for me?”

It was one of those proud parent moments. When the kids went back to playing, we had a good laugh – what perspective and insight – at 4 years old. He didn’t let any of it affect him. In fact, he turned it around and made it a positive thing.

How many times as adults have we allowed ourselves to do the same?

When people don’t understand you, you get to decide how much you let that affect you.

The essence of who you are is not weighted in what other people think of you. Own your truth and surround yourself with people who get you. There will always be those who don’t, that is on them. You don’t need to own their thoughts.

Maybe you have someone in your life right now that is making you question something about yourself. The stress at work has created so much noise you have forgotten who you are. Parenting has left you exhausted.

No matter what is challenging you to stay connected and remember who you are, take some time this week to clear the noise and find that person. Go for a walk. Set the alarm clock for 20 minutes earlier. Pull over as you are driving home from work.

Allow yourself to reconnect – you may just find your biggest cheerleader along the way!

Cheers to a new week.


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